Kate Waring

Many of these testimonials were originally posted as reviews my Facebook page: Kate Waring - Rapid Transformational Therapy >

“I have suffered with anxiety and panic for over 26 years and in that time have tried various therapies and medication, all quick fixes but not lasting. I have considered hypnotherapy but it has always conjured up thoughts of people on stage in a trance believing they are a dog or a chicken. Be assured Kate’s hypnotherapy is nothing like that, you are aware at all times who you are, where you are and what is going on around you.

Kate  Waring spends a long time making sure she understands how you want to feel after therapy, not how she thinks you should feel. She has a brilliant understanding of how the brain functions and is able to explain it to you in simple terms that make complete sense. Kate analyses very skilfully how panic and anxiety have taken control and is able to guide you through thought processes that help you regain your confidence and belief in yourself.

This is by far the best therapy I have ever had and would encourage anyone who, because of panic and anxiety are missing out on even the simplest things in life to give it a go.”

 - Liz, Devon

“If I could give Kate ten stars I would!! I worked with Kate about a challenge that I have struggled for years to overcome and yet after just one session I experienced complete turn-around!

Kate is a compassionate, wise and skilled therapist who really took the time to understand my difficulty, then masterfully helped me identify the root cause underlying my challenge (one I wasn't expecting!) & most importantly helped set me free from it!!!

I would not hesitate to book Kate again for any other challenges I want help with and cannot recommend her more highly. Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic experience Kate.”

 - Jen, Liverpool

“I went to visit Kate for anxiety with my dogs and to have a little more authority generally around the dogs and in my life. I must admit, I was nervous about the process but as soon as I got to Kate, she automatically put my nerves to rest. The process was relaxing, emotional and eye opening experience.

I have now been listening to my individually tailored recording from Kate for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed an absolute transformation. I’m calm and collected around our dogs, they listen to my commands and I do not get nervous at all, even when we have visitors! I feel great, confident and able to deal with all situations. I cannot explain in words how beneficial this has been for me.

All I can say, if anyone out there is thinking about going to see a hypnotherapist to sort out an issue, stop thinking about it and contact Kate!”

- Joanna, Oxfordshire

"I had an online session with Kate after experiencing a few days of anxiety and feeling the need to talk to someone outside of the immediate family. She was very calming and easy to talk to. She encouraged me to look at things from a different perspective and gave me a couple of practical exercises to try as a way of addressing my feelings in the short-term, as well as pointing me to areas I might want to consider revisiting in future sessions. I felt better after our conversation and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kate Waring to anyone in need of a little support."

 - Andrew, Liverpool

" I was very scared of flying, to the point of actively avoiding it. But a work opportunity came up & I didn’t want to pass it up due to this fear!

I visited Kate to help, boy did she help! Kate was wonderful & after a session & a recording, today I landed back in the UK after a brilliant trip abroad. The flights were both delayed & I used all the help & advise to keep calm during both landings & flights."

- Helen, Oxfordshire

“I would highly recommend Kate to help with many issues you may have been struggling with; she is knowledgeable, kind and has a lovely approach that will give you confidence that you are in safe hands!”

- Eli, Oxfordshire

“For as long as I can remember, I held this belief that I had some sort of eating disorder. I would struggle to finish food on the plate and everyone around me would make comments like ‘How come you never finish your food?’ or ‘You’re so skinny you should eat more!’

Over time it made me feel super anxious about it all. I didn’t think I had a problem with food as I love food so I wanted to understand what exactly was going on in my subconscious mind.

I reached out to Kate as I knew that she was the right person to help put me back on track and guide me to gain my confidence back and she absolutely did. She is a professional! She spent a lot of time with me during the initial consultation to really understand what was going on. The actual hypnosis session went great. She was so easy going she put me in a state of total relaxation and it was like we drifted deep and discovered the true reason to what was causing my limiting beliefs. Kate supported me in making peace with my past beliefs and my inner child and the relationship with my family.

To those who are aware of limitations I highly recommend you reach out to Kate as you can turn this limitation into a triumph. The moment you understand what is limiting you, you can smash that bigger belief.

- Natcha, London