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Thoughts and feelings are at the root of everything we create

In addition to RTT I also offer Law of Attraction Coaching which can be applied as stand-alone sessions. It is also incredibly effective when combined in a program that begins with an RTT session.

During the program we first address the limiting buried subconscious belief with Rapid Transformation Therapy,  then I walk with you through the process of learning about and applying the principles of law of attraction in your life. If you don’t feel there are any limiting beliefs holding you back we’ll just jump straight to the law of attraction and you’ll learn how to manifest the life of your dreams.

Law of Attraction is based on a simple concept which is ‘like attracts like’ or ‘thoughts become things’. Simply put what this means is you can learn to harness the power of your thoughts to improve any and every aspect of your life.

Thoughts are at the root of everything we create. Without thought, nothing would be created. So thought is the first step in the chain of events that create our reality, meaning the power to create comes from within us.

Science has proven just how powerful the mind and the imagination actually is, it has shown us that the thoughts we think wear ‘grooves’ in our brain. Or to put it another way, every thought we think fires and wires neurological patterns in our brain which if held and thought often enough will ultimately become beliefs.

A belief is just a thought you have called to mind consciously or unconsciously many times.

These patterns then determine how we see the world. Dr Wayne Dyer puts it succinctly, ‘We don’t see the world as the world is, we see the world as we are’. That means that if we think the same thoughts we’ll only ever get the same results.

  • If you always think the same thoughts you’ll always make the same choices.

  • If you always make the same choices you’ll always do the same things.

  • If you always do the same thing you’ll always have the same experiences.

  • If you always have the same experiences you’ll always feel the same emotions.

  • If you always have the same emotions you’ll always think the same thoughts.

You can use LOA to learn to choose to turn your thoughts towards how you want to feel and be. This in turn leads to you living a healthier life, achieving more goals, building better relationships, improving your financial situation. It helps you to do all of that as quickly or as slowly as you want. LOA is not just about creating a great future life it can also improve and enrich your life as it stands right now.

I will guide you through the theory, principles and practices of law of attraction to help you understand how it works, the science behind it (Quantum Physics) and how to make it work for you and your circumstances.

You will be learning and applying practical tools and techniques that will help you move towards and achieve all of your goals.

If you would like to read more about the science behind the Law of Attraction theory I can highly recommend these books; The Field by Lynne McTaggart and Mind to Matter by Dawson Church.